After 18 years in prison Niall faces imminent parole. Upon release he discovers a property has been left to him in his murdered mothers will. With the support of his probation officer he embraces the opportunity and moves to an isolated cabin deep within the ancient woods of Hellam. Niall sets up a small holding complete with livestock. New acquaintances fill the void where family should have been and a desire for self sufficiency drives him, The good life, A clean slate. But the country idyll begins to unravel as his past catches up and the violence he thought he’d escaped returns bringing with it death, mayhem and devestating revelations.


The Cull explores the struggle to forgive ourselves and others and move beyond the mistakes of our past. A study of the connective influence and damage an abusive history can have on multiple generations. Dark and twisted “escape to the country” aspirational living in a rundown cabin deep in the heart of ancient woodland. The nearest civilisation is a forgotten community barely surviving the decline of a once thriving logging industry. A community rife with drug abuse, holding on to dying traditions. a manic, hallucinogenic rural thriller with shocking violence and unexpected plot twists.

Surreal characters and remote wilderness allude to the central themes of shame, maladaption, revenge and identity.